Cell Phone Name Generator

As a build on my earlier post on Samsung’s smartphone naming structure, I discovered a website that the manufacturers of Android Smartphones can use to develop names.  The amusing part is that it really does generate names that are similar to “real” names given to smartphones. Here it is: Continue reading


Samsung Naming Confusion

Last year Samsung announced that it was establishing a new naming structure for its Galaxy smartphone product line.  This was so that people could better understand the phone they were buying by reading the letter in the name. The new naming architecture grouped its devices into five classes, each identified by a single alphabetical letter. Sounds simple, right? Well, as they say, the devil is in the details. Continue reading


Hey Technorati…find me!

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Keep the Big Picture in Mind

The New Year started out with a flurry of “How to Name Your Business” articles. I think that’s terrific! More PR for naming is always a good thing. But several articles were focused on very specific issues, such as “SEO Strategies You Must Take into Account When Naming Your Business.”

I’m all for keeping SEO in mind, but you should not feel as if you MUST keep SEO at the top of your list. The reality is that you need a great name for your business, and while SEO is certainly a factor in the success of your business, it is not the driver!

There is a better way to develop a great name. Continue reading


The Worst Brand Name of 2011

You may think it would be easy to pick the “Worst Brand Name of 2011,” but actually there are many strong candidates for this award. Someone launched a cereal in Canada called “Holy Crap” (OK, technically the launch was Q4 2010 but they did not much US exposure until 2011). Range Rover thinks Evoque is a good name for its crossover SUV. Toyota launched a new version of Prius and called it V. Heck, even Google got in the game by launching Google + (and I ask, “Plus what?”).  All these names are potential disasters, but the winner is (drum roll, please)… Continue reading


How Do You Know?

In my NameFlash™ name development business, I usually present 30 – 50 names for a company’s product/service, so picking a great name from the assortment of terrific names we present is often a challenge.  Smaller companies usually pick a name and run with it while larger clients often have a series of Management/Board of Director reviews, and sometimes they do consumer research in order to get additional input.

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Code Names Decoded

I have a confession: I love code names! One of the pleasures in my 25+ year marketing career was how I often got to choose the official code name for projects. But instead of sticking with the pseudo-science approach where one picks a scientific term such as “Project Fusion,” I preferred to create “families” of code names that reflected the nature of the innovations. As an example, I once used the names of the Seven Dwarfs as code names for the new items of a line of cold remedy products. Most of them were logical, such as Sleepy for the non-drowsy variant and Doc for the multi-symptom product, but the president of the company got mad when I named his pet project Dopey (it was a really stupid idea). A few weeks later he issued an internal memorandum on the development of code names and introduced the new requirement for top management approval of code names prior to project launch. So much for my code name fun!

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When Should You Change Your Name?

In my NameFlashSM name development business, I sometimes get asked by clients, “Should I change my brand name?” From a purely selfish standpoint my answer should be “YES!” because I get paid to generate names! But the reality is that there are times when you should not change your name, despite the negative impact on my cash flow.

So how do you decide if you need a better name? Here are some tips on when you should or should not change your name.

Consider changing your name when:

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The “Free Pizza” Solution to Name Development

I’ve asked a lot of my advertising agency friends how their agencies would approach name development if a client asked for help in this area. The response, virtually without exception, is that they round up everyone they can at the end of the day, order a couple of pizzas, and hold a big brainstorming session to generate ideas.

In the same vein, some companies consider holding a naming contest to develop names instead of hiring a professional name developer (such as my NameFlashSM name development business). After all, isn’t it important to allow our customers/employees/associates to have input on our new name? And, we could offer a prize of free (insert product name) for a year so it would not cost us anything!

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