Take The Trump Vaccine!

The Delta variant of COVID is spreading like wildfire in the US and is having a devastating effect on the unvaccinated. At the present time, 99% of COVID deaths are among unvaccinated people. In fact, a recent Washington Post opinion piece estimated that the odds of dying from COVID if you have been vaccinated are lower than the odds of dying by getting hit by lightning.

Yet only about 50% of people in the US are fully vaccinated and the rate of new vaccinations is slowing down dramatically. Furthermore, there is a widening divide of vaccination rates between Democratic voters and Republican voters as shown below:

Sarah Sanders, former White House Press Secretary and current candidate for Governor of Arkansas, may have identified a novel way to nudge Republicans to get vaccinated. In this Washington Post article she urges Republicans to “Take The Trump Vaccine.”

Here is how it could work. The Moderna and J & J vaccines were developed under the Operation Warp Speed initiative created by the Trump Administration. The Pfizer vaccine was not in the Operation Warp Speed program. In order to overcome vaccine hesitancy among Republicans, the government should rebrand some of the Moderna and J & J vaccines as Trump Vaccine and offer it exclusively to Republicans. Everyone likes to have exclusive products, and a vaccine just for Trump supporters could get vaccine hesitant people to roll up their sleeves.

Branding can help save lives.


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