Name Generators

The internet is full of them. For example, a Google Search for “name generator” returns over 14 million results.

As a professional name developer, you might imagine that I would oppose the use of a name generator. Au contraire mon ami.

There is nothing wrong with using a name generator. In fact, some of them are very good because they use AI to identify proper keywords and relevant terms for your industry. Personally, I believe that a professional name developer can do a better job for you and using a professional is always easier if you can afford it. But if you have to “do-it-yourself” then a name generator might work for you.

The problem with using a name generator is this. The output from a name generator can be staggering. It is like trying to get a drink of water from a fire hose. You literally will drown in names, many of which are so bad you will wonder why you wasted your time.

This is why you need to make sure you have done your strategic homework BEFORE you start generating names. Follow a process such as this one I recommend below, and you will have a strategic platform in place that will make the process easier. A strategic platform enables you to refine your use of a name generator, so the name generator provides names that are closer to your objective. And the platform enables you to quickly evaluate the names that are generated.

I’ve always said that the hard part of developing a name is not generating names. No, the hard part is deciding which names will resonate with your target audience. If you have a strong strategic foundation, and use a consistent approach to evaluating names (such as this one which is free for a limited time:, then you will have much greater success in finding a terrific name!

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