Keep the Big Picture in Mind

The New Year started out with a flurry of “How to Name Your Business” articles. I think that’s terrific! More PR for naming is always a good thing. But several articles were focused on very specific issues, such as “SEO Strategies You Must Take into Account When Naming Your Business.”

I’m all for keeping SEO in mind, but you should not feel as if you MUST keep SEO at the top of your list. The reality is that you need a great name for your business, and while SEO is certainly a factor in the success of your business, it is not the driver!

There is a better way to develop a great name. I’d title the article, “You Must Keep Your Target Consumer in Mind When Naming Your Business.” If you develop a name that is a wonder when it comes to SEO, but your Target Consumer doesn’t get it, you have failed.

I have 25+ years of experience developing great brands and brand names. I’ve never seen a name that was derived based on SEO principles be successful. I’ve seen many consumer insight-driven names be hugely successful.

Stop the nonsense. Develop great names that are based on your Target Consumer and his/her needs and wants. Then worry about things like SEO. Don’t let small factors lead you to a poor decision.


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