Is It Smart To Throw Rocks At Yourself?

HEY EVERYBODY!  Our Pizza Tastes Like Cardboard! 

Trash Talking Your Own Product

Um…well…yes it does actually, and your sauce tastes like ketchup.  That’s why I haven’t eaten your pizza since my daughter's 10th birthday when it snowed 3 feet and you were the only place open.

The new Domino's Pizza ad campaign explains that they listened to consumer feedback and completely redesigned their pizza based on that information. The video clip shows some focus group feedback that is pretty painful. The obvious question is…what took you so long? The pizza had been lousy for years and I am sure focus groups (if you did them) have been telling you that for years!

Nevertheless, the ad begs the question…is it smart to throw rocks at yourself? Competitors have been throwing rocks at Domino's for years…why reinforce that negative image?

The big risk is that your current consumer base obviously likes your pizza, so why radically change it? If you check out some consumer feedback about the new pizza, you will see that many fans of Domino's are not happy by the spicier sauce and garlicky crust.

Will the ads create a ton of interest in trying the "new" pizza? Obviously that is the hope of Domino's. And I am sure some marketing geek has produced a model that shows the benefits outweigh the potential downside.

In this case, I think it is a pretty good move. You cannot stay stagnant in this environment, and Domino's has to continue to grow. You must improve your base product because you can only introduce things like "Breadbowl Pasta" once in a while. I think the general response from non-users of Domino's will be "the pizza can't be any worse that it was." But will it get them to try it?

Is it smart to throw rocks at yourself?

Stephen Colbert's take on this topic!


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